Wedding Videos in a Winter Wonderland!!

As a Wedding Videographer I seem to be getting busier and busier in the winter months! It seems that the unpredictability of the UK weather has made a lot of couples decide that perhaps they would be better taking the weather out of the equation and think about getting married in the winter months. This time of year also give couples (I mean brides but I want to be fair!) that extra bit of choice when it comes to table decorations, colours, themes and flowers.

Warming Winter Weddings

Warming Winter Weddings

I have had weddings later on this year where the guests have still been able to stand outside for drinks and basked in the glorious winter sun. There are also some truly gorgeous shots to be had using the low sun, crisp morning frosts and Christmas decorations/lights. It is more of a challenge but the results can be amazing. I find photographers now do amazing things at this time of year. They need to carry a bit more kit (lights, flashguns, etc.) and they have to be a bit more precise as they do not have 10 hours of sunlight to get those perfect shots, but the results can look fantastic!

Videographers can get some amazing shots too with the venues taking on that winter glow and the contrast between that and the dark, gloom outside can give some spectacular shots. The roaring fires and Christmas lights look great and allow us to set the feel of the day and tell the story. Winter weddings used to be difficult to capture but as the latest equipment can pretty much see in the dark, the footage is no longer grainy but of a super high standard.

Best of all your guests are in the mood to party as it is either in the lead up to Christmas and the party season is in full swing or it is early in the New Year and they are in need of some cheering up.

Have you had a winter wedding? Do you wish you had? Share your stories, ideas and thoughts below, go on!