Do not leave Videographers in cars in this hot weather!!

Wow, what a difference it makes when the sun shines! It’s been scorching for the past two weekends and it seems this weekend will be no different. It has been so difference between last year, where the majority of couples had their confetti thrown inside, and this year, where I have already captured three outdoor weddings.

Ardencote Manor Hotel

Ardencote Manor Hotel

I love it when a couple can get married outside, especially in some of the scenic venues around Warwickshire and the West Midlands There is nothing better than having your guests enjoying the sunshine as they say their vows – so much better than having them staring out of the window longingly and checking their watches like a schoolchild waiting for Break time. Last week I videoed a wedding at the Ardencote Manor Hotel just outside Warwick. They have a purpose built island for outdoor weddings and it was stunning, surrounded by water; what an amazing setting for a wedding.

This spate of sunshine has, however, caused me something of a problem too: I go on holiday next week and I am dreading peeling off my clothes to get on the sun lounger. You see, I have acquired quite a tan over the past few weeks, but sadly I have been getting this tan whilst in my suit so the tan is only above neck level! I will therefore be walking round looking like a safety match for the first few days which is not really a good look. If there are any inventors out there, I definitely think there is a market for the tan through suit – anyone who has see such a thing please send me a link.

The weather has also tested my cool bag to the limits – I normally pack sandwiches in my cool bag and return to my car to eat them during the wedding breakfast. However, this has not really worked for the past few weeks and my sandwiches have been a little soggy to say the least, so, if you’re getting married this weekend, spare a thought for your videographer (and photographer I guess) and put him aside some sandwiches for his lunch – don’t let him sweat in his car!

Have you found the perfect outdoor wedding venue? Has the recent warm weather made you wonder whether you can get married outside? Are you attending a wedding this weekend and praying it will be outside?


Wedding venues in Warwickshire

Being a wedding videographer in Warwickshire I visit a lot of wedding venues.  I get to speak to the staff and see the things that wedding goers don’t get to see (the swan effect I call it, everything looks calm and beautiful on top but they’re fighting like hell below the water to keep it afloat). I thought I would blog some of my favorites and give you some things to think about when you look and visit these locations.

Choosing your wedding venue is possibly the biggest decision you’ll make about your wedding, you’re not just looking for the ideal setting, it has to be the full package. There are many gorgeous feature buildings that really let themselves down when it comes to service or putting that extra person on at the bar when it’s busy so your guests get get served. Worse still, just as the party is getting into full swing at 11pm, the bar shuts and the lights come up and you have to go home (and yes, nightclubs are out of the question in a wedding dress!).

Warwickshire is blessed with some amazing venues that will suit every type of wedding, from historical buildings where your guests can drink in the bars of famous poets or playwrights to modern, light and airy purpose built buildings which ooze style and panache. Weddings are big business and new and unusual venues are popping up all the time and the newer they are the more likely you are to get a bargain so get looking!

The question I would always ask as a wedding videographer is where do we have our photos/video taken and how long can we use the space. Some venues can cater for 3-4 weddings a day but only have 1 area where everyone wants to have their photos taken. The other thing I have started to ask more and more recently is, what is your wet weather alternative? Your photographer will be looking for an open space where he can get some height to get that all important group shot and the more natural light the less flash and extra light he’ll have to throw at it. So if there’s wide arching staircase or a balcony, then that is perfect. This brings me onto another question I’d ask, if it’s wet where do your guests go when you change the room from ceremony to breakfast or breakfast to evening reception? Sometimes the answer is, this corridor is set up…….. , I’d leave at this point!

So that said, which venues in Warwickshire do I love and why? well, I recently filmed at Ashton Lodge Country House, Stretton Under Fosse, it’s a great venue which is exclusive as it’s quite small  (caters for up to 130 people) but the grounds and the


Ashton Lodge Country Hose

house make it the perfect summer venue. If your budget is a little higher then Coombe Abbey and the Menzies Welcombe offer that historical feel. The list goes on and on and there is are so may to choose from, however the best part of picking your venue is visiting and working out whether it’s right for you, however make sure you get to taste the food and speaking to the staff if you can.

However when you do make a decision, please spare a thought for the video guy, keep stairs to a minimum, light to a maximum and room for him to film from the front of your ceremony venue!

Have you found a gem of a venue in Warwickshire? Have you had a good experience you want to share? What things did you look for when you chose your venue? Let me know and and tell you whether I’ve filmed there and what it’s like for the video guy!

Thanks for reading…

Hello… Hello… I’m over here!

This is my first ever blog so here goes. Hello world, or probably hello no one for now!

I thought I would have a go at writing a blog, how hard can it be? I wanted to use this blog to share my experience as a wedding videographer at BRS Wedding Videography, giving advice where it’s probably not needed and telling amusing stories from my week. I guess my aim is to give an insight into why you should have a videographer at your wedding (even if it’s not me) and probably give away all my trade secret in the process!

I’ve been videoing weddings for many years now, and the thing I love is knowing that I am delivering a piece of history to the Bride and Groom. Video is becoming more and more and more popular (you only have to look at Facebook to see how many videos are shared now compared with a few years ago). People want to see more than can be shown in a picture, and video is the only way of delivering that. They want to hear the speeches, the ceremony, the first dance – these can’t be captured in any other way than in a video.

Now, before I offend any photographers out there (although if I am it’s great because it means someone has read this), photography is still a massive part of any wedding; it’s probably the only time in your life you’ll hire someone to take photos of just you, and everyone wants ‘that’ canvas to go at the back of the lounge or in the hallway of them on their wedding day. All I am saying is that a DVD is THE best way to relive your wedding day, from footage of the Groom looking decidedly nervous, your guests laughing and joking and the Best Man sweating through the Wedding Breakfast. They all work perfectly on a video.

I come from a technical family and my Grandad had one of the first cine cameras back in the late 70’s.  He took it everywhere, and I remember holidays like they were yesterday because I still watch his tapes now. He even filmed my parents wedding with it. There was obviously no sound, but to see all of their friends and family, as they were on that day in time, is amazing! Uncle Pete with hair, the hats, the fashions, and sadly those no longer with us, It certainly gives me a great idea of my Parents’ wedding day – and this was a low definition cine camera. Imagine how amazing your wedding DVD is going to look in thirty years, when you dig it out for the kids or grandchildren!!

As I said at the start, a wedding DVD is a piece of history that you will treasure for many years to come, and I get very similar emails from couples, saying they were so glad they decided to get a videographer to do it.

In future posts I’ll blog more about ‘professional videographer versus friend-with-video-camera’, and also things to look for when booking a videographer, but what are your experiences? Do you have a video of your wedding? Do you not have one, but wish did?